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How do refugees create professional networks in a new country?

It’s a catch-22. Landing a professional role in technical fields requires local experience and an industry network, but the best […]

Meet the seeker: Titar

Originally from Syria, Titar describes “a very typical Armenian upbringing in a loving and close-knit family”. For as long as […]

Worldview: targeted employment programs

Many humanitarian arrivals in Australia struggle to find employment opportunities that match their skills and experience, and often end up […]

Meet the seeker: Wisam

Wisam is originally from Iraq, and moved to Jordan with his parents in 2004 after finishing high school. In Jordan, […]

Successfully implement a humanitarian program

If you want to make a long-term impact, your program needs to pay off. Here’s how to make sure it […]

Meet the seeker: Hilda

Hilda is originally from Iraq. She studied a Bachelor of Science (Applied Computing and IT) at the University of Kurdistan […]

GHD’s humanitarian internship program is a win-win

The CareerSeekers team approached GHD’s Sydney offices about taking on an intern in mid-2017. Since then, nine participants have joined […]

Meet the seeker: Khalid

Khalid is originally from Libya where he studied a Bachelor of Geology and worked in water testing for a hydrology […]

How targeted employment programs can fill the holes in Australia’s talent pool

Demand for skilled employees in Australia is rapidly growing, A targeted employment program that leverages the skills of people from […]

Rami’s Story

I had been working at a mobile operator in Iraq when I was forced to leave in June 2014. I […]